Let’s Make Pineapple chocolate lava cupcake.


  • Pineapple
  • Corn flakes
  • Pieces of chocolate bar


  1. Take a Pineapple and cut two pieces from it, then get one piece and clean out the centre part of the Pineapple piece.
  2. Next, get some Cornflakes and put it into the pineapple cup we made.
  3. Get few pieces of chocolate bars and put them on corn flakes filled pineapple cup.
  4. Then bake your chocolate filled pineapple cup for 15 minutes in 120 Celsius.
  5. Take, your Pineapple chocolate lava cupcake to a plate and decorated it in your style.

WOOHOO……. your Pineapple chocolate lava cupcake is ready to taste