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Bread puding

Yields6 ServingsPrep Time10 minsCook Time50 minsTotal Time1 hr

If you want to do something to the leftover bread, the best thing to do is make bread pudding using leftover bread. Bread pudding is popular in many countries' cuisines. Bread pudding can divide into two types as savory bread pudding and sweet bread pudding. Savory bread pudding usually serves as the main course while sweet bread pudding is served as a dessert. Being Sri Lankans we mostly see the sweet bread pudding. With the help of this recipe turn your leftover bread into a sugary bread pudding.

Special notes

 1 qt Loaf of sandwich bread (Without fringes)
 250 ml Milk
 3 qts Eggs
 ¼ cup Sugar
 ½ cup Plums
 ¼ cup Cashew
 2 tsp Vanilla extract
 ¼ cup Jaggery
 ¼ tsp Nutmeg (Grated)
 3 tbsp Melted butter
 1 tbsp Wine/Brandy

Pour the milk into a bowl and add sugar and jaggery, mix it well.


Tear the bread slices into small pieces.


To the torn bread pieces, add melted butter, milk mixture, eggs, some plums, and nutmeg powder, mix it well.


Now add vanilla extract and mix well.


Add wine/ brandy and mix it again.


Take a well-buttered baking tray and lay an oil paper to the bottom.


Put the bread pudding into the baking tray.


Then spread some cashew and plums on the top.


Steam the pudding for around 40 minutes.


Your homemade bread pudding is ready to serve.

Nutrition Facts

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