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2 Ingredients Marshmallow

Yields20 ServingsPrep Time5 minsCook Time15 minsTotal Time20 mins

Today's recipe is for homemade gooey, sweet, fluffy deliciousness that everyone knows...... MARSHMALLOWS!!! These are sooo much better than the store-boughts. And we will only need two ingredients and no beater.
Let's make the fluffiest marshmallows that you have ever tasted.

 20 g Gelatin
 250 g Sugar
 250 ml Hot Water

Add 100ml of hot water to the 20g of gelatin and stir until the gelatin has melted.


Put it aside and coat the marshmallow tray. The coating can be butter or coconut oil.


Add sugar and water to a cooking pot and stir until sugar melts in medium heat.


When the melted sugar boils add the dissolved gelatin and mix well. (If you would like, you can add some vanilla extract.)


After around 2 minutes turn the heat off and set the sugar, gelatin mixture aside to cool.


Pour the mixture into a blender jar and blend for around 6 minutes at the max speed. (If you prefer to use a beater, beat the mixture right after you turn the heat off )


After 6 minutes of continuous blending, you will get a thick mixture.


Add some food coloring of your liking to the mixture and mix well.


Pour the mixture into the butter/oil-coated marshmallow tray and refrigerate for around 30 minutes until it gets set. (The marshmallow mixture will set in around 40 to 60 minutes if left at room temperature. )


Before removing the marshmallow from the marshmallow tray, dust it with cornflour on the top and sides.


Cut the marshmallows into pieces and dust them with extra cornflour to keep them from sticking.



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