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Mayonnaise sauce

Yields30 ServingsPrep Time4 minsCook Time1 minTotal Time5 mins

Mayonnaise sauce is generally a dressing sauce. We use mayonnaise sauce for salads, sandwiches, etc. From the outer look, we think making mayonnaise sauce is a complicated thing. And we don't have any idea from what mayonnaise have been made of... But do you know? We can quickly make some mayonnaise sauce in your own kitchen. Amazing no? Here is the simple recipe to make a mayonnaise sauce in your own kitchen just in one minute. Try it out...

 1 qt Egg
 ¼ tsp Salt
 2 ½ tsp Vingar
 2 tsp Mustard powder
 Pepper powder (Not necessary)
 1 cup Vegetable oil
 2 tsp Sugar

Put the egg into the blender and blender the egg.


Add vegetable oil gradually, blending the egg.


Pour vegetable oil until it the egg becomes a thick sauce.


Add all the other ingredients and blend again for around 10 seconds.


It's ready to use.

Nutrition Facts

Serving Size 1/2 bottle

Servings 0