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Mutton Bone Soup

Yields3 ServingsPrep Time10 minsCook Time20 minsTotal Time30 mins

Mutton bone soup is a very nutritious, delicious soup that is also good for weight loss. Mutton bone soup is highly recommended for the people who recovering illnesses. Especially for the people who suffer from osteoarthritis. This mutton bone soup is very easy to make and you will only need a few ingredients from your kitchen.
Without cooking a regular chicken or vegetable soup, try this delicious, nutritious mutton bone soup for tonight's dinner. This mutton bone soup is really good for a busy weekday night and even for a relaxed weekend night with some toasts. It is easily digestible so don't worry if you had more rather than your diet because of the delicious taste.
This recipe will guide you to make a quick and easy yet delicious mutton bone soup. Let's try it out.

Special notes

 250 g Mutton bones
 1 qt Carrot (Cut into squares)
 3 qts Garlic (Chopped)
 1 qt Onion (Sliced)
 1 qt Tomato (Chopped)
 Lime extract
 Pandan leaves
 Curry leaves
 Scallions (To sprinkle)
 1 qt Potato (Cut into squares)
 1 tbsp Butter
 1 tbsp Coriander seeds
 1 tsp Cumin
 ½ tsp Fennel
 Pepper powder

Heat a saucepan and add butter.


When butter melted, add cinnamon, fennel, cumin, and coriander seeds, mix well


Now add some pepper and then chopped garlic.


Add pandan leaves, curry leaves, and chopped onion.


Now add the mutton bones, salt to suit your taste and some pepper powder, mix well.


After around 5 minutes, add carrot, tomato, potato, and dhal, mix well.


Add some water and leave until the water boils.


After around 15 minutes, turn off the cooker.


Sprinkle some scallions and serve the mutton born soup warm.

Nutrition Facts

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